Trip of a life time – Canada/Alaska

Max and I have just returned from a 19 day APT tour of Canada and Alaska. It involved bus, train and ship and was truly the trip of a lifetime for me. Such a beautiful country Canada is and the train trip through the Rockies is breathtaking. Also the cruise up the Inside Passage to Alaska was a highlight.

I had great intentions of painting lots of pictures whilst travelling, but of course that is not practical when on a tour. However, I managed to get a couple of quick pics done and hope to complete more now that I am home.

The first is a pencil drawing of the view from the Rocky Mountaineer train. We were held up for two hours due to a freight train break down. 

The next three are quick pastel drawings – Lake Morraine, the inside passage and a glacier in Alaska.








King Island Sunset Felt Painting

This one was a challenge and I could not get it right.  Can’t count the number of times I put fleece on then took fleece off. The photos don’t reflect that, but they show how different it finished up after some playing.

Here is the finished item:

Felt painting of King Island


Here is the process:

Stage 1 of felt landscape painting

Fleece layered and lightly wet felted

Stage 2 of felt painting of King Island sunset

Some needle felting and embroidery. Note the cottage

Now, when I look back, part of me likes the above image before I had to mess with it, especially the sky and sea, although the house looks kind of cutsey.  The tree in the foreground is wrong . Anyway, it is now framed (without the cottage).  Honest feedback much appreciated.  You know when you work on something so long and can no longer be objective in assessing your own work? That’s me.  Help needed!!!