Nearly Finished! Obstacle Course for Fish

Added a few bits of wool roving under the tulle then machine embroidered. Not sure whether I will frame it or put a binding on and make a wall hanging.

Liz Butcher's underwater textile painting with fish

Finished free-machine embroidery

This last addition came from out of the blue! (excuse the pun). I didn’t like the net dulling over the colours so I burnt it off with a heat gun. this didn’t damage the underneath part because the net is nylon and the rest is cotton. However, the burn off looked messy so I found some orange nylon organza and stitched over that onto my picture. Then I burnt this as well.

The result – it’s stuffed!!  Who wants to look at a picture of foul sea water obscuring the scene?

Maybe I’ll start drawing again.

BTW, I accidently hit the like button – I’m not really that vain.

Liz Butcher's underwater textile scene

Our decaying system


Christmas Present Sewing

Thought I would get a jump on making a few Christmas presents this year, but the time is approaching fast and I have only made three items. This one is about A4 size and will be titled, Obstacle Course For Fish. Not very inspiring, I know, but only had 30 secs to think of it.

I used fusible web to attach the pieces – no overlapping required, hence no turned under seams – then put fine white tulle over the top and now I will jazz it up with free-machine embroidery.  Here’s hoping I don’t overdo it (my usual style).

Stay tuned for the next stage.

Underwater play

Finished fusing fabric to background



Sea Greens

Fine tulle over top



Fish Playground

Close-up image of tulle over fabric - it dulls the colours a little but not too much

Hello world!


First post of a new blog – what a momentous day! for me, anyway.

I am determined not to be a waffler. Straight to the point and no self-indulgence.  Well, maybe just a little!

Felting has been a focus for about a year now and here are some completed works. Maybe just one for today. Having trouble uploading. More to come

Needle-felted Penguins – 5 inches tall – on a felted base with real and felted rocks and tiny shells. SOLD

The penguins on King Island are easily accessible to the public.  If one is quiet as they come ashore and covers the torch with red cellophane, they will walk right over you to get to their chicks.  Once when I had white socks on and black slip-on shoes, the mother penguin got confused and started to regurgitate her dinner for her chick, thinking my shoe was it.  Wish I took that photo.