My name is Liz Butcher and I am a late bloomer as far as ‘blogging’ is concerned. So please forgive my initial stumblings and constructive feedback will not offend.

That out of the way – I live on King Island with my long-suffering husband, Max and ageing cat, Muschka. We love it here and it gives me constant inspiration – rugged coastline on the 40th parallel south of Melbourne but before you run into Tasmanian mainland.  Most people here have one leg longer than the other because of the winds (just kidding!).

The label ‘Artist’ has often sat uncomfortably with me as my work has mostly been for the sheer pleasure of creating for myself and friends/family.  It is only in recent years that I realise I have a talent that others might like to see or purchase and that is very rewarding though not my main motivator.  If I am really honest, it was a ‘trip’ when I sold my first painting!!

Dabblings include watercolour, silk painting, pen and ink, pencil, felting (both wet and needle) and the occasional acrylic and oils.  This keeps me busy and my house in chaos – hence the long-suffering husband.

Apart from this I have recently taken up knitting again, completing my first pair of socks, toe-up, two at a time, on circular needles, using the European-style knitting.  Phew! a lot of firsts there.

Hope you join me often


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Liz, I live in Auckland with husband and two kids. I studied art in Stockholm for one year only 😦 For the moment I am not doing art but I love Felt Art. I have been watching videos, tutorials from latinoamerica, usa and europe, and each day I get more and more in love 🙂
    My dream is make one day felt paintings like yours. Thanks for share your work.
    Kind Regards,
    Paola Maldonado

    • Thank you so much Paola. It is so comforting to receive feedback as we all doubt our ability at times. I too love felt painting and love to explore the limits of the wools capabilities. My latest project is a portrait in felt. Wish me luck and I hope you will share your progress with us as you gain confidence.

      • Hi Liz , just found your blog.
        I am a newy on this blog from the other side of the world, up in northern Canada: 70 km. west of Whitehorse.
        Your work is beautiful!
        Like to share about our world of felting in the future.

  2. Hi Liz,
    I live in North Yorkshire, England and am study felt making at Artybird in Carnforth and I love your paintings in felt. I am particularly interested in sea because I love to visit a beautiful place by the sea in North Wales. I find a lot of inspiration for art and felt making there.
    Interestingly, I also have a very long suffering husband and a cat. The latter sees me scouring sheep fleece and usually scuttles off wondering if he may be scoured next 🙂
    Thank you for sharing photos of your lovely work.
    Helen x

    • Thanks Helen for your great comments. The sea is always inspiring and I never tire of looking out my kitchen window (when they’re clean that is).
      You make me want to get back into it this year as I haven’t done much since my mum died. 2013 is a new beginning in lots of ways.
      Do you show you work online or sell it? Would love to go on that learning journey with you. Happy Felting!!

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