King Island Artist-in-Resident’s completed works

Elizabeth Barsham, Tasmanian Gothic, completed a residency on King Island and has posted her collection on her blog. They also tell some of the treacherous history of shipwrecks, whalers, sealers, and female convict ships falling foul of our jagged coastline in the days before and after the first lighthouse (which is the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere) was built.

I love her work. Here is just one pic and you can see more on the above link.

"Men of Business" sealers on King Island 1799

Gothic flavour to the dangers of the waters around King Island – Men of Business – sealers circa 1799

3 thoughts on “King Island Artist-in-Resident’s completed works

  1. Yes, you’re right RT, the style is similar if not more mythical when you look at some other work of Elizabeth’s. Seeing them in person is so much more interesting as you notice all the subtle nuances that make you search the painting longer for the story behind the figures. I think that is why her work fascinates me so much. Cheers Liz

  2. Thanks for sharing the link, although I couldn’t fins the artist mentioned, the blog itself is very cool . Also, thank you for the kind words on my blog and I look forward to seeing more of your wool paintings, they are amazing !

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