King Island Sunset Felt Painting

This one was a challenge and I could not get it right.  Can’t count the number of times I put fleece on then took fleece off. The photos don’t reflect that, but they show how different it finished up after some playing.

Here is the finished item:

Felt painting of King Island


Here is the process:

Stage 1 of felt landscape painting

Fleece layered and lightly wet felted

Stage 2 of felt painting of King Island sunset

Some needle felting and embroidery. Note the cottage

Now, when I look back, part of me likes the above image before I had to mess with it, especially the sky and sea, although the house looks kind of cutsey.  The tree in the foreground is wrong . Anyway, it is now framed (without the cottage).  Honest feedback much appreciated.  You know when you work on something so long and can no longer be objective in assessing your own work? That’s me.  Help needed!!!


Surface Texture Challenge – I do like to live beside the seaside!

I am in a bit of a slump artistically but enjoyed playing with some textural felting a while back. The sea is a reoccurring  theme with the first vessel falling into the category of the latest FeltandFibreStudio‘s Surface Texture Challenge, although it was made before that. Here is a link Challenges.

It started as a beret then turned into a sea urchin with ocean grunge attached. The ‘grunge’ is antique lace and silk pieces partially felted into the alpaca fleece.  It stands about 11″.

Next one is in similar fleece and was modelled on those weird-looking tubular corals, with growths and torn flaps.

This one is a total change of pace and is a mermaid asleep on a sea urchin.  Her tail is made up of dozens of tiny shells and the flipper is strips of torn silk with beads. I used 18 micron merino wool and silk rovings.

Now I just have to figure out how to post my challenge pics to Flickr.  This technology stuff is FUN!!! Takes my mind off Federa beating Tomic in the Australian Open Tennis.  Keep an eye on that youngster though. He is going places.

Help for Beginner Felters – making a pod vessel plus more


This is a great blog site from two talented ladies.  Check out the comprehensive tutorials for FREE plus their eBook at a very reasonable price. Click on the link above to see the Pod Tutorial.

They are also featured in the latest Felt Magazine from Australia – lovely happy works of art!! Well done Lyn and Annie.


Finally, The Cards

With Christmas and New Year over (hope you all had a happy one) I finally have time to post my printed cards of the ‘What’s Real’ series. They are 5″ x 7″ (A5) size on 250g card, a really good firm card stock.  Momento was the printing company I used in Australia and they were delivered within three days!  That is 60 cards with 10 x 6 different designs. Also I experimented with two journals with a watercolour image of mine on the cover.

You can view them in my Etsy Shop (see above left for link), but here is a preview;

Reproduction prints of 3D drawings onto 250g card stock

Sample of Etsy Shop Cards

Also added to Etsy is a Journal/Notebook/Diary which can be personalised with name and art work. It is 6″ x 8.5″.

Spiral-bound notebook/journal/diary/art journal with personalised cover

Your own personal journal