Felted Painting – Island Blue-scape

Along with the rugged coastline and crashing waves that are common on King Island, we also have days of total stillness and tranquility. these are the days when the soft turquoise blue of the sea is magical.

This felted painting shows some of those colours.

felted painting of calm blue seas

Wool rovings layered onto piece of white commercial wool felt - 16"x14" unframed

6 thoughts on “Felted Painting – Island Blue-scape

    • They do look fluffy, I thought they were silk or cotton. I made a wet felted piece roughly based on sea and clouds at the weekend, with merino and cotton, it’s nice but it doesn’t have the depth and reality this does though šŸ™‚

      • I’d like to see that picture. This medium lends itself well to non-realistic work and gives the hint of a subject without the realism. That is not a negative.

  1. I will post my cotton pic soon, Liz. I’d meant to do it this week, but posted the dyeing experiment while we are stll on that topic šŸ™‚

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