King Island Felted Seascape

Just completed this ‘painting’ in wool fleece. It depicts some of the rugged coastline on King Island and was very challenging.  In real time it is better viewed from a distance, but that is hard to simulate with a photo.

The base is a piece of white wool felt (commercial) and then the different coloured fleece are layered to create a picture. The options after that are to embellish with machine embroidery etc but I didn’t do that this time.

As I progress I keep everything in place using The Fabulous Felt-O-Matic – a handmade needle-felting tool that has 36 needles fixed into a frame work which is pressed down on in a spring set-up.  Hard to explain, so here is the link to Dianne Stott’s blog showing her unique invention.

King Island felt painting

Unfelted wool fleece - 18x20 unframed


felt painting of west coast of King Island

Felt Painting - without the tiny needle marks - sprayed with soapy water and lightly felted using cordless sander

12 thoughts on “King Island Felted Seascape

  1. Oh Wow Liz this is a stunning piece and what a difference it makes wetting it after all that needling. The waves look magical and to be able to see the shimmer in the water, Well its awesome . Your work is just Brilliant 🙂

  2. The felting definitely softened the painting. If you want technical feedback, I might go back in with a few wisp of wool and make hard shadows on the rocks like in the first picture, and do it needle (dry) felting style. The waves are fabulous. I am not sure if it is photography or if the feltingl pulled the colors away from the edges on the right hand side. It is a stunning piece and I admire your ability to draw, capturing a breathtaking landscape with such depth.

    • Thanks Deb for the feedback. It is exactly what I am wanting from experienced or even non-experienced felters. I agree with your suggestions and will have a play. After having a good look at many of your blog posts, I might try wet felting after laying down my fibres then needle felting to finish off. Thanks for a wonderfully informative blog that you must spend a lot of time on. We beginners really appreciate it.

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