Felted Vest

At the King Island Felting Group on Saturday, I started this vest, laying the merino/silk lap over black tissue silk. Had to bring it home to felt it as I was using my new cordless sander and it was very noisy.  Sunday saw it finished and the sander was great – much kinder on my shoulders.  Here is the result.

felted vest using cordless sander to felt

Close-up of felted vest

8 thoughts on “Felted Vest

    • Thanks Zed. The brooch is from a very weathered smooth oyster shell that I polished further with a Dremel and added a felt ‘pearl’ which was beaded. I am amazed at how many scarves etc it goes well with.

    • Thanks Pam, I am happy with it. The sander didn’t work well at first until I put a lot more soap on the wool then covered it in bubble wrap, bubble side down. Then it worked a treat. How about posting a picture of yours on here and I will write about you? Or else hurry up and start your blog 🙂

  1. I am loving the colors, the visual texture and the over all design of the piece. I am trying to envision what it looked like as a flat piece before the rolled collar. I am a HUGE fan of rolled collars they are so femine, and give a cozy feel to a garment. Most of all I am in love with that broach or is it some sort of closure piece?

    • Again, thank you for stopping by to comment. The original shape was just a long rectangle, and, depending on where the slits for the arms are positioned, the collar will either be a big roll or a small one. Next time I will curve the bottom edge so that it sits a bit better. The brooch is made from an old shell that has been bashed around by the sea a lot and I used a Dremel tool to make a hole where the felted/beaded ‘pearl’ went and this also was an anchor to the back piece of felt holding the brooch pin.

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